On the Hippie Trail: Pakistan

Coming in from Afghanistan by the Khyber Pass, passengers were not allowed to leave the bus, as the road traversed the restricted so-called 'Tribal Area'. That part of Pakistan was (and still is) practically beyond control of the Pakistani authorities. In Peshawar - the first major town in Pakistan, where I took this picture - we were free to go. In the nineteen sixties, Pakistan was still composed of two parts: West Pakistan (currently known as Pakistan) and East Pakistan (currently known as Bangladesh), which gained independence in the nineteen seventies.

Road map PakistanBy bus from Kabul to Peshawar, via the Khyber Pass. Then a little hitchhiking and a train to Lahore, where a road permit for India had to be obtained. A bus from Lahore to the border and another bus from the border to Ferozepore, the first town in India.

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