On the Hippie Trail: Nepal

Pagoda in Kathmandu

Road map Nepal
The bus from Raxaul (Indian border) to Kathmandu followed a long and winding road that partly consisted of stretches of mere pebbles and boulders. Over the mountains and alongside steep canyons, we reached Kathmandu, at last. It turned out to be a wonderful place, overcrowded with temples, dogs and..... hippies.

Wedding parade

Sadhu (holy man of Hinduism)

Bikkhu (Buddhist monk)

Path of Wisdom

stupastupa closeup
Swayambunath Stupa (traditional Buddhist structure), also known as 'Monkey Temple', in Kathmandu Valley

Tibetan Buddhist ceremony
Tibetan Buddhist monks engaged in a religious ceremony

sunset over Kathmandu valley
Sunset over Kathmandu Valley

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